Tunis, the capital ambivalent


The capital of Tunisia offers a dual perspective to its visitors. On one side it bears the attributes of its rich and ancient past. This is the medina, the historic heart of the city. Souks, alleyways and mosques are the most perfect expression of the Arab-Islamic architecture.
On the other hand, we see the recent traces of the influence of the West and in particular France. To the east of the medina, from Avenue Bourguiba, lies the modern city. On a straight line are ordered stores, banks, coffee shops and buildings in Europe.
Two or three days will not be too long to discover the charms of the capital and its environs. Stroll through the souks and perfumes of the Orient, drink mint tea in a cafe, marvel at the antiquities of the Bardo Museum, relax on the beaches near the capital, wander through the village of Sidi Bou Said and discover the remains of the ancient Punic city of Carthage are some of the thousand and one pleasure you reserve Tunis.


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